Iconic WooCommerce Quickview Features

  • Speed up the buying process and boost your conversions with WooCommerce Quickview.
  • Preview and add items to the shopping cart, directly from the product listing pages.
  • Let your customers quickly preview items and add them to their shopping cart through a simple modal window.
  • Add Quickview buttons anywhere in your store and easily customise what appears in the window.
  • Reduce the number of clicks needed to make a purchase, helping boost conversions and increase sales.
  • Quickly navigate between different products in your store – straight from within the WooCommerce Quickview window.
  • Save your customers from having to go back and forth between different product pages, greatly improving the browsing experience.
  • Get full control over what appears within the WooCommerce Quickview by easily adding, moving, or removing components like the product description, image gallery, rating, and much more.
  • Includes a variety of action and filter hooks to make it easier for developers to insert additional product information.
  • Add WooCommerce Quickview buttons anywhere within your store using simple shortcodes, or trigger the preview modal from your own buttons.
  • Customise the position of the Quickview button, the button text, colours, and so much more.
  • WooCommerce Quickview will integrate seamlessly into your theme’s product listing pages – or, you can add the buttons manually, wherever you like.
  • Works with our other popular plugins, such as WooThumbs, WooCommerce Show Single Variations, and WooCommerce Attribute Swatches.
  • WooCommerce Quickview is compatible with many other 3rd-party plugins.
  • Sleek Styling
    The sleek and minimal styling of Quickview means it will blend perfectly into any theme.
  • Fully Customisable
    Easily customise the design of Quickview buttons and have full control over which components are shown in the modal window.
  • Works with All Products
    Products can be added to the cart instantly, including variable products.
  • Gallery
    Use the Quickview gallery feature to navigate easily between products using the prev/next arrows.
  • Mobile Friendly
    Looks great on all devices and screen sizes, including smartphones, tablets and desktops.
  • Integrated
    Seamlessly integrates into your theme using WooCommerce hooks to place itself in your product listing pages.
  • Compatible
    Works great with any well-coded WooCommerce theme – and compatible with many of our other plugins.
  • Developer Friendly
    Easily insert additional product information as required using action and filter hooks.
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