Vue File Manager PHP Scripts Features

  • The Sky is the Limit
    You have full control over VueFileManager, no third authorities will control your service or usage, only you.
  • No Monthly Fees
    You don’t need to pay monthly fees for software service or every new single user. You pay only for your own server hosting where VueFileManager is running.
  • Truly Freedom
    When you running VueFileManager on your own server hosting, anybody can’t control your content or resell your user data. Your data is safe.
  • Hosted on Your Server Hosting
    VueFileManager is cloud storage software. You have to install and running application on your own server hosting.
  • Share Folders And Files
    Full editable user experience with shared folders. Protect your files with password or make them public accessible.
  • User Login & Registration
    Let user create their own account with own storage. All these accounts is protected by user login.
  • AWS S3 and Digital Ocean Spaces support
    Store your files in external storage services such as Amazon Web Services S3 or Digital Ocean Spaces
  • Internationalization (i18n) Support
    Do you wish VueFileManager in other language? We support i18n internationalization, it mean, you can translate full aplication to your native language.
  • Navigation Sidebar
    Navigate through your files easily. Add you favourites folder or look on your latest uploads.
  • Drag & Drop
    Reorder your files easily, just drag your folder or file and drop to another folder.
  • Night Mode
    We add native support for dark mode. Now, it’s easy for your eyes to work with your files at night.
  • Integrated Trash
    Did you delete something by accident or do you want your deleted files back? Restore your files from trash.
  • List & Grid Preview
    You can change from two types of file and folder previews. Show your items in list or grid preview.
  • Background Uploading
    Your files is uploaded in the background, so nothing will stop you from working with the files.
  • File & Folder searching
    Search your items quickly, from anywhere in the app you are.
  • Custom Context Menu
    Quick actions next to your file on your right click.
  • File Details
    Get preview of your files quickli in right panel next to your files.
  • Improved Mobile User Experience
    Need to quickly upload or get your files on your smartphone? It’s not problem.
  • Laravel PHP Framework
    You don’t have to create your own API for VueFileManager. You can use our pre-build backend in Laravel PHP Framework.
  • Storage Limits
    Set storage limits to your user account to sure, you never exceed your storage limits.
  • Vue.js
    Vue.js is a progressive, incrementally-adoptable JavaScript framework for building UI on the web.
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